3-Step Instant Facelift Line

Naturally Radiant Facial Serum

Like a facelift in a bottle, this serum reduces the appearance of deep set wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles, promoting collagen density and providing a protective barrier. Containing the polypeptide Argireline®, it targets expression lines and deep-set wrinkles resulting in skin that appears smoothed out and instantly lifted with a firmer, more youthful texture. Our effective formula will keep ROI and retention high.

Enriched Antioxidant Eye Serum

This serum has been designed specifically to combat dark circles and puffiness around the eyes which contribute to the visible signs of aging. Containing alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s) which minimize surface imperfections and Regu®-Age, a proprietary blend that improves circulation and eliminates the toxins that cause dark circles, the result is brighter, fresher looking skin. Contact our consultants today for a quote.

Rapid Age Defying Formula

This wonder cream contains ingredients that on application, tighten skin and eliminate wrinkles just 90 seconds making the wearer seem “Instantly Ageless”. Along with Syn®Eye, a patented formula shown to significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and bags in the eye area in 7 days this dual action formula works to permanently eradicate wrinkles and other signs of aging. Contact our consultants today for a quote.

3-Step Lines

Our 3-Step Lines are the perfect solution for increasing retention and average order value of your customers. With our 3-step line, you can target different sub-niches for each broader vertical and provide highly effective products that solve your customers’ problems. Exposing customers to 3 types of products will lead to more opportunity for satisfaction that leads to retention.

For our instant facelift 3-step line, your customers can restore the youthful appearance of skin with Private Label Skin’s Naturally Radiant Facial Serum, Enriching Antioxidant Eye Serum, Rapid Age Defying Formula. In three easy steps, this line works to instantly eliminate wrinkles and sagging skin while delivering long term benefits and added moisture.

Our consultants would love to speak with your further and discuss the unique needs of your campaign and how PLS could accomodate your needs. Contact us today and we can get you on your way to capitalizing on the anti-aging market.