The skin care industry has continually seen growth as the economy has recovered and the purchasing power of most Americans has risen. With the U.S. skin care industry predicted to reach $11 billion by 2018 by outlets like GCI Magazine, which covers the global cosmetics industry, it’s no surprise that many entrepreneurs have been finding ways to capitalize on this opportunity.
One of the keys to success in this lucrative but competitive industry to be on the pulse of what is happening right now and making sure your line reflects what is hot in the market. Here at PLS, besides our commitment to leading the industry of private label skin care manufacturers, our main objective is to make sure our customers are successful and so we did extensive research to find what is trending now in the industry. Armed with these trends, you can continue to evolve with the market and supply the highest quality skin care products that the market is demanding.

1. Probiotics 

Probiotics have continually been a trend in the personal care market and will grow in new ways related to skin care in 2017 and beyond. While most trends in this space have been about adjusting diet to lead your body’s good bacteria, an updated element of this trend is adding probiotic-based ingredients directly into topical care products like lotions and serums. The consumer is starting to become increasingly savvy about their own biology and stripping away quality bacteria can be seen as a negative in certain segments, especially within the younger demographic that is looking for natural solutions to skin care. With this trend, many business owners and skin care manufacturers are looking to provide more individualized and tailored solutions to meet customer demand, this allows for a higher prestige product and more brand loyalty because the customer knows that this specific formula is tailored specifically for them and their skin microbiome.

2. Sustainability/Organic

With more and more conversation in society about the effects of manufacturing on the environment and our health, many consumers are looking for products and companies who share their same concerns in regards to ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes and ingredients. Using this knowledge, many companies understand that adding this information on their packaging builds trust with customers. This leads to higher brand loyalty for brands that communicate they are in line with this cultural shift. Another element of this is the increased demand for organic ingredients, which is a continuation of a past trend of the market shifting toward natural ingredients. A majority of consumers believe that natural ingredients are better for skin than artificial ingredients and 32% of U.S. consumers look for certified organic ingredients, according to Euromonitor.

3. Subscription Purchasing

One of the fastest growing areas of the cosmetic and personal care market is subscription delivery and while this model is certainly nothing new, nearly 1/3 of U.S. consumers purchase products via a subscription, this according to a VP at Nielsen. Subscriptions are a huge opportunity for business owners because it allows you to build your business on a recurring revenue model. After you lock people into a subscription, you are then able to optimize your offering for retention and make sure customers are happy with your brand and product to keep that revenue growth. 

While the skincare industry is constantly changing and evolving, these trends still piggyback on a variety of tried and true elements of the customer demographic in skin care. A large percentage of the skin care industry customers are looking for high-quality ingredients and the ability to integrate new products into their daily lives easier. By leveraging these specific 3 trends and staying ahead of the market curve, business owners will be able to grow with the industry and be more successful as the market continues to grow.

At Private Label Skin, we work to keep our natural formulations ahead of the curve and provide what the market is reacting to, which helps you focus on what you do best, bringing in customers. If you want a list of the current products we carry, check out our Wholesale Skin Care Products or Real Time Inventory List. You can also contact us or request a quote if you are looking for a Skincare Manufacturer. We are here to help you build the best business you can and answering your questions is our pleasure!