We are all beautiful in our own way, and that beauty deserves a special kind of treatment. There are so many ways to take care of your skin but many busy women can be in a hurry while picking out the right products for nurturing their skin. It is definitely better to do your research and pick out a cleanser or a toner that is the perfect match for your skin type – If you do this, your skin will look refreshed and repaired. If you continue reading, we will provide some specific information about what kind of toners and cleansers are on the market, which will enable you to better understand which one will match your specific skin type.

Cleansers 101

You probably already know what cleansers are for: maintaining good personal hygiene – but cleansers have other purposes as well. When you apply your cleanser, you’re really preparing your skin for other products, like moisturizers and makeup. You can overdo it though, so it’s best to apply your cleansers two or three times per day and no more. For starters, you should cleanse in the morning when you wake up, so you can clear your skin from any bacteria, oil, and pillow-grime. It’s also commonly recommended to apply a cleanser before you go to bed. The third time we mentioned could be after your workout or after sunbathing.

So what types of cleansers are there, and which ones will be the most appropriate for your skin?

●     Soap Bars or Soap-Free

Soap Bars are not meant to be used for your face. Usually, they are too strong for the degree of delicacy your skin should be treated with and they are more than capable of causing dryness. On the other hand, if you want to avoid irritations and rashes, you can use soap-free cleansers. But they are not something that should be used on daily basis – these cleansers are more of a preparation for a treatment such as a chemical peel, making it more effective.

Both of these cleansers do not really match up with a particular skin-type (if we exclude bars specially made to be gentle to your skin) but they don’t really have anything in common with soaps, except for their shape.

●     Cleansing Oils

There are two different types of cleansing oils which are used in two different ways. Regular oil cleansers are used to remove waterproof sunscreen and makeup that other cleansers can’t thoroughly clean. While your skin is completely dry, apply one or two pumps of oil and rinse it off with lukewarm water.

The second way to clean your skin with oily cleansers is actually a simple but efficient method. Apply any oil, like olive, safflower or jojoba – again, when your skin is dry – and be very gentle while you rub it in. The next step is steaming, but you should use a warm damp cloth instead of hot water because it can cause your capillaries to break. Then wipe your skin thoroughly with the cloth and rinse it with lukewarm water if you find it necessary.

Similar to the previous group of cleansers, these shouldn’t be used too often because your skin could get saturated very quickly.

●     Foaming or Non-Foaming

If your skin is versatile or it’s simply oily, foaming cleansers will work best for you. The great thing about them is the amount of time they will last, because you won’t need too much to cover up your whole face. They come in both gel and cream form, and both are equally effective so selecting one will be a matter of personal preference. If your skin is dry, bear in mind that you should avoid foaming cleansers because it may result in redness, irritation and dryness issues.

If your skin type is dry or sensitive, non-foaming cleansers will be better suited for your needs. This type comes in gel or lotion form. Its main purpose is to be gentle. These cleansers, however, won’t be able to help much when it comes to removing makeup or sunscreen – so you’ll need to use a different type.

●     Balms

Do you wear a lot of stage makeup? Well, there’s probably nothing better for you than a balm, which is usually in the form of saturated tissues. Most of those tissues are dumped into an oil-based formula, so you can expect some leftover oil on your skin. This can be great if your skin type is dry. If not, you should have an additional cleanser so that it can be completely removed. Additionally, balms also work pretty well when it comes to removing sunscreen and makeup.

●     Medication Treatment

If you have serious problems with acne, bacteria or clogged pores, medicated cleansers should definitely be your choice. Usage of medicated cleansers should be controlled by a professional because they are usually quite harsh, so you’ll definitely want to learn how to apply them properly.

Toners 101

Toners have somehow become considered an optional part of skin care – don’t be misinformed. In order to have radiant skin, you need a layer of toner after you have applied and rinsed away your cleanser. That is important because toners enable you to restore the skin’s pH, which is what your skin needs so that it can self-repair at its surface. If you make the right choice – because as with cleansers, there are also different kinds of toners – your skin will be absolutely clean, and it will look fresh and youthful. Here’s a closer look at 3 toner options:

●     Alcohol-Based

It’s important to note that alcohol-based toners should only be used sparingly at best. They can be quite strong, which could affect your skin in a very undesirable way – with that amount of alcohol applied on a daily basis (they may contain anywhere from 20-60% of alcohol), your skin will start losing its ability to repair itself.

●     Glycerin/Glycol-Based

These toners usually contain rose water or citrus fruit. They aren’t strong as the previous group of toners, but they usually have up to 20% of alcohol, which is not exactly what you should be looking for. They will work well on normal, versatile and oily skin. Even though they’re not as damaging as alcohol-based toners, it’s still a good idea to avoid them in the long run.

●     Water-Based

These formulas are usually loaded with healthy ingredients which are very helpful when it comes to skin repair. They may contain anywhere from 0-10% of alcohol, which isn’t too bad. No matter your skin-type though, you can find these toner types to be refreshing and kind to your skin.

Now that you know everything there is to know about the basic skin hygiene – there’s nothing stopping you from keeping it youthful and fresh for a very long time!

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