When it comes to building brand loyalty for your private label skin care campaigns, merely providing a great product isn’t enough. Another major element at play—and one that is often forgotten—is packaging.

It’s no secret that packaging and label design are important for products that sell at brick-and-mortar retailers. If something looks good on the shelf, customers are more likely to be drawn to it, more likely to pick it up, and more likely to buy it. But, private label cosmetic packaging can be just as important. Since most private label products sell online, though, many brands neglect their packaging. Even if customers will only see the packaging after a product has arrived, it matters —, especially for continuity and subscription products.

National Brands vs Private Labels: What’s the Difference?

When considering packaging, it can be beneficial to think about a comparison between private label brands and national brands. While national brands have the advantage in terms of reach and resources, the fact is that a well-made private label product can often equal or outstrip a national brand product in terms of quality. A person who has tried all the national brands without finding something that is well-suited to their needs will often turn to private labels for other options. Private label brands can serve niche audiences and provide terrific customer experiences in these realms.

So why do some customers still buy national brands instead of private label products? If national brands offer no clear advantage in quality, then what is their draw? The primary factor, it seems, is familiarity. Big brands spend big money on marketing, ensuring nationwide brand recognition for their products. These big promotional campaigns do precisely what they’re supposed to do: they make customers feel comfortable—even if they are trying a product for the first time.

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Your business can’t compete with national brands regarding promotion, which means you need to create that sense of customer comfort in a different way. Label and packaging design are the key strategies here. Most people are conditioned from a young age to shrink away from generic-looking labels. Something that is just text and whitespace seems too unprofessional as if they haven’t put effort into their product. We are automatically predisposed to distrust it. By steering away from that kind of design, you can start to build the familiarity that is winning your nationwide competitors so much business.

Rewriting the Narrative with Original Labeling and Packaging

If you look at products from national brands, you’ll see that their labels and boxes are designed to be eye-catching and recognizable. They use easily identifiable logos. They use color schemes. They use cool designs and images. They repeatedly use the same fonts. These design factors are done on purpose. They are key to the branding of the product at hand.

It’s easy to discount these factors when talking about something in the skin care niche. Why does it matter what the box or label looks like if the product works? Here’s the thing, though: customers expect their brands to have a voice and identity. They want to be able to pick up a box or bottle and see the brand personality in the packaging. The fact is that most people don’t trust individual products; they trust brands. When they know that there is a strong brand behind a product, they are more likely to buy it.


Better branding can also help your customers forge a relationship with your company. Even if a customer buys, tries, and loves your product, it’s hard for anyone to feel particularly loyal to a product with generic packaging or labeling. Giving your label a clear identity gives customers something that feels more tangible. In turn, customers associate that package with positive feelings, creating brand loyalty and increasing the likelihood that they will buy from you again in the future.

Work with Private Label Sk.in to Create a Better Branding Experience for Your Products

Are you struggling to create a loyal following for your private label skin care products? If so, Private Label Sk.in can help. We are unveiling a new service where we will work with our clients to design bottle labels and boxes for their private label products. We can help you create stunning designs that will build your brand and boost customer loyalty.


Packaging_Blog_image3We also specialize in creating compliant labels. Our Quality Management Team will ensure that your labels meet regulatory compliance standards. We will even handle the step of submitting your labels to the necessary departments for review and approval.

If you have any questions about this new service, feel free to reach out here.