In the private label skin care industry, you have the creative freedom to develop your own vision of what you want to bring to the market. Not only can you personalize your brand’s packaging, but you can also call upon a team of formulation chemists to create what goes inside. Use these six steps below as a guide to get started on your own unique formulation.

  1. Explore Your Vision

You may already have in mind certain ingredients you want to use, like cannabis products or birch oil.  Or you may know which market need you want to fill, such as skin-lightening or anti-aging, but you want professional guidance in developing a formula to fit that need. You may even want to use an existing product as a springboard for your own creation. In any of these cases, the right private label skin care manufacturer will know how to develop your ideas.

  1. Find the Right Manufacturing Partner

Choosing a high-quality formulation consultant will save you time and money in the long run. At PrivateLabelSk.in, for example, we offer:

  •      Skilled formulation chemists
  •      A commitment to quality ingredients
  •      Top experience in different high-quality skin care solutions, including cellulite treatments, anti-aging formulas, facial serums, and more.
  •      Outstanding customer service
  •      In-house packaging and label design services
  •      The most reliable manufacturing operations available

One factor that should not be the most important in your decision is the price. If a cheaper manufacturer is difficult to communicate with, makes production missteps or develops a product that degrades on the shelf, you will end up spending more in the long run.

  1. Consult with Your Team

Once you have selected your formulations team, have a meeting so you can tell them your ideas about your product and the market you wish to serve. They should be ready to advise you about the cost of different formulas, alternate ingredients, organic or all-natural regulations, and marketing claims validation. Once you are on the same page, the process can go forward.

  1. Begin Research and Development

At this point, the chemists will go to work. This stage may take one month, or it may take several. In some cases, the first test batch may be just right. In other cases, the lab may need several attempts to create a high-quality product.

The problems that might arise can’t be predicted, which is why skilled chemists are needed to test every variable. Sometimes an ingredient that performs as expected in an oil base will perform differently in a water base. Another ingredient may interact differently depending on its temperature. The addition of certain stabilizers might change the color of a skin care product. Or a sample that seemed fine at first may separate after only a week or two.

When the formulation chemists find a combination that they think will fit your needs, they will send a sample to you. Take the time to evaluate it and give them your feedback. You will work together until the product is just the way you want it.

  1. Design the Packaging

Ideally, your team will also consult with you on the best packaging for your private label skin care product. At this stage of development, the package design is not only about visual appeal, but also shelf stability, usability and safety. At PrivateLabelSk.in, we will help you pick a container and dispenser that is suitable for the viscosity of the product, won’t interact chemically with the contents, and will provide protection from sunlight and temperature changes.

  1. Stability and Shelf Life Testing

Safety and quality are serious matters, so a key part of research and development is to make sure that the product will keep the same potency and consistency over time. At this point, an expiration date will be determined, and the product will be tested for the switch to larger-quantity production.

  1. Bring Samples to Your Customers

After all your hard work, you will want to ensure that your market is as happy with your product as you are. Before placing a large order, share some samples of your product and its packaging with a few of your loyal customers (or people you hope to have as customers) and encourage their honest feedback.

There are many steps involved in creating a new formula, but the right team of chemists and consultants can help you turn your idea into a high-quality skin care product.

To learn how the formulation consultants at PrivateLabelSk.in can help create your next product, contact us here.