Men have traditionally embraced the look that time, the sun, and the elements have inflicted upon their skin. Their skin was scorched by the sun, beaten by winds, and cracked from numerous cold winters – this might lead us to believe that many men may not appreciate the importance of a consistent skin care regimen, but let’s not forget that even as far back as a couple of thousand years ago there were powerful pharaohs and emperors who bathed in milk, and had servants groom them, dress them and even do their makeup. In fact, 2015 is a very promising year for the modern gentleman who understands how important it is to take care of his skin. Let’s take a closer look at some of the emerging trends in men’s skin care for this year. 

A marriage of high tech and naturalistic methods

According to a 2013 International Spa Association (ISPA) study, an impressive 46% of people undergoing cosmetic spa treatments were male, and modern spas are now focusing on combining advanced technology with traditional methods and ingredients to provide the best treatments possible. Anti-aging facial products that combine ingredients like active peptides and proteins with natural green tea extract and jojoba seed oil are widely used by skincare professionals, and as more men are beginning to wise up, we can expect to see products like these explode in popularity in the upcoming months. 

A shift towards non-invasive, risk-free skin treatments

While we may have gotten used to seeing male movie stars go through an absurd amount of Botox and plastic surgery as they get older, invasive treatments are going out of fashion.  Men, in particular, are looking for treatments that don’t involve needles or take longer to recover from. In 2015, topically applied treatments containing Argireline and Trylagen, which tighten and smooth out the skin without the risks associated with Botox, will become a staple of men’s cosmetics.

Gentle, superficial facial peels

Men naturally have somewhat oilier skin than women, this combined with the need for regular shaving makes irritation and acne outbreaks a more common issue for them. With an emphasis placed on prevention rather than cure when it comes to men’s skin health, regular visits to the beauty salon and lighter treatments are preferred. Deeper peels take longer to recover from and can result in a number of complications, so superficial peels are the option most men are starting to go for. 

Alcohol and fragrance-free face/body wash

A lot of men are moving away from the traditional soap bar and towards the more convenient face wash gel. Alcohol dries out the skin and various added fragrances can have the same effect, so they have no place in products specifically designed to clean and moisturize your face. The same goes for the rest of the body – a moisturizing body wash will leave the skin feeling soft and smooth after a shower. Clean and simple, without any unnecessarily added scents. Moisturizing products like these are a great skin care solution and their popularity amongst the male population will continue to be on the rise.

Expect to see more pale-skinned gentlemen

Since hard evidence has been gathered that links UV light used in tanning salons with an alarming 59% increased the risk of developing skin cancer, most US states are taking serious measures. Tanning salons won’t be able to accommodate those younger than 18 years without parental consent and will have to adhere to strict rules, including informing potential customers about the health risk involved. Combine this with the fact that the use of sunscreen is advised year-round to prevent skin cancer and we could very well see men of a much lighter complexion walking the streets this year.

A focus on healthier diets and lifestyle

Regular exercise, coupled with things like antioxidants and different vitamins and minerals found in healthy food, can be extremely beneficial for maintaining healthy and soft skin. There has been a slow and steady rise in fitness center memberships for a little over a decade now, and last year as much as 45% of all internet users in the US accessed some type of health and fitness app daily while another 25% were accessing them several times a day. This shows that people have become more health-conscious and willing to start a diet and exercise program. With this in mind, it looks like more men will be willing to make the necessary lifestyle changes required for maintaining optimal skin health.

All in all, 2015 should be a very interesting year with a number of positive trends emerging in the field of men’s skincare. There has been a significant rise in health-conscious and fashion-conscious men looking for adequate answers to their hygiene needs and we are happy to say that there will be many good options available to them.