There are few people who haven’t worried about growing old and losing their looks. The fact is that we lead stressful lives filled with everyday hardships which, without a doubt, speed up the aging process and can cause all kinds of skin alterations and deterioration. This is reason enough to view the skincare market as a pretty stable one, and it will always show reasonable demand for skin care products.

Still, you can’t just run in head first in a hope to make money quickly. Although the market may be strong and stable, there are a lot of trends that you need to keep up with so as to be able to achieve any kind of success. There are certain standards to which customers are used to and you need to adhere to them if you want to make a stable stand on the current market. With this in mind, we have decided to put together a small guide for the market newcomers and point them in the right direction.

Label Design

Although it might seem like a secondary issue, designing your label is actually very important work. In the beginning, it should serve the purpose of creating a unique look for your products and distinguishing your line of skincare products from the others. During the design process, you will need to take into account the location where you intend to sell your products. Do you do it online, in a spa centre, a high-end store or do you do it locally? Depending on your market, you can arrange your label budget and style. The label needs to contain all the relevant information and meet the regulatory standards proposed by the law in your country.  It also needs to cover your branding needs and draw attention.


There are some things that coincide with label design that also stands for packaging design as well, like branding, meeting the regulated standards in your area and so on. You should also take into account the stability of the product in question, which largely depends on the type and the quality of the container. Another issue to take into account is the shipping convenience.

You can check out our packaging and label design examples to get yourself going in the right direction.


The only way you can make it in the skincare market is by honestly selling your products. A lot of manufacturers tend to oversell and “fluff up” the effectiveness of their products which ultimately hurts their brand and alienates their customer base. The most important thing in the beauty industry is to develop trust with your customers. Nobody wants to waste their time and money on a product that is ineffective, and your customers will react to your product falling short of your promise. For example, we make sure that our products are fragrance free, since that can be known to dry out the skin and therefore make it look older. From marketing point of view, fragrances attract attention and work better for branding, but we are not here to sell perfume but skin care products, which is why we avoid them on most of our formulations.

Delivery system

The delivery services are not always reliable when it comes to the proper care of products. If you want the highest level of care, you need to dish out big money to cover them. This is why you need to make sure that the product is ready for any delivery process on your end. We use Oil in Water Microemulsions Delivery system to ensure our products arrive ready for use and in great shape. Furthermore, we’ve already mentioned packaging as a very important part of this.

We hope we managed to help you out on your mission of breaking into the skin care market. Tread carefully, since the reliability of your products should never be taken into question since this kind of issues can shut you down very quickly. Plan your branding carefully, take your time with executing your plan, and be sure to select a service provider who has your best interests at heart and you will be sure to have a strong foundation to launch your new skin care line from!