Just as tales of the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus kept us all engrossed as wee little children, our appetite for folklore hasn’t dwindled, as most of us grow older, it’s just perhaps the subject matter that’s changed. We all want to hear about a magic potion or a silver bullet that will resolve all of our beauty and skin problems and where there is demand there will be supply – at least in the realm of fables. There are a few that have managed to last the test of time and have the added hazard of being somewhat believable. Here are the most common.

Oil makes you oilier

The last thing girls, or boys, want to do when they have oily skin is to put more oil on top of it. It goes against our natural instinct but surprisingly some oil is good for oily skin because they have antiseptic qualities and are anti-inflammatory, which are particularly good when you break out – another unfortunate consequence of the oily skin type. Tea tree, geranium, and coconut oil all have properties that are good for oily skin.

Wash your face more often to prevent acne

Particularly if your cleanser is a foamy variety, due to their harsh ingredients. Constantly scrubbing away at your skin can make it feel very irritated and generate more oil and disrupt the pH level leaving it susceptible to bacterial infection. A non-foamy cleanser and moderate cleansing within a managed and regular routine work best to manage acne.

Sunscreen is only for when you are outside and it is sunny

Actually, sunscreen or sunblock does more than just protecting us from the sun outside. We are exposed to UV rays through electronic devices and through our windows. That’s not to say you need to layer on the zinc strips, but ensuring there is sunscreen within your products will help keep you protected.

You can ‘shrink’ your pores

Pores aren’t shrinkable or enlargeable, they are just there. Large pores are the bain of some people’s lives because they become home to whiteheads and blackheads. The answer is to make your pores appear smaller and you can do that in a number of ways with products, such as creams and face masks, but also natural remedies that have plumping effects such as water and omega-rich foods.

More products will make my skin look better

It’s more likely to clog up pores and lead to more breakouts. You should deal with one issue at a time and once that has been resolved move on to the next. If you have acne, tackle acne, then think about any scarring, after which you can deal with wrinkles and an anti-aging regime.

Sleeping on your back will stop wrinkles on your face

Wrinkles aren’t caused by gravity so it’s probably more beneficial to make sure you’re comfortable for a good night’s sleep. A more relaxed you are more likely to prevent wrinkles.

I don’t need to clean off mineral makeup

Mineral makeup has its benefits but you should always make sure your skin is clean before you go to sleep, allowing pores to breathe.

Anti-ageing products are only for older women

It’s more effective to prevent wrinkles before the wrinkles are in place and trying to remove them. In that respect, you should use anti-aging products a lot sooner than perceived – perhaps from your early twenties, so you stay timeless consistently until your golden hour.

With these myths debunked, we hopefully haven’t ruined the fairytale, there are still much more pragmatic solutions for skin care, which will at least be effective.